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We Offer Experienced and Comprehensive Legal Representation for Many Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

Facing the aftermath of an injury accident or family members dealing with the tragic death of a loved one giving rise to a wrongful death accident case can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with injuries, medical care, financial burdens and legal complexities. At GARY K. WALCH, A LAW CORPORATION, we understand the challenges individuals and families face after experiencing personal injury or wrongful death incidents. With over 45 years of experience winning thousands of injury accident cases serving clients in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Riverside and throughout all of California, our law firm is dedicated to providing caring, compassionate and extremely effective legal representation to obtain the best results across a wide range of practice areas. Some of the many areas of personal injury law we handle include the following:

Car Accidents: Car accident collisions can result in devastating injuries and financial hardships for victims and their families. Our experienced personal injury attorneys represent clients in identifying liable parties and pursuing top compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and income, property damage, pain and suffering, and ALL allowed damages.

Truck Accidents: Truck accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles. Our truck accident attorneys hold truck drivers and trucking companies accountable for negligence, violations of regulations, and all resulting damages.

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle riders, because of their lack of protection, are particularly vulnerable on the road and freeways, facing serious injuries from collisions with other, harder vehicles. Our personal injury and wrongful death law firm helps motorcyclists recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income, motorcycle property damage, and all other damages suffered, even in cases of shared fault.

Bicycle (Bike) Accidents: Bicyclists are at risk of extremely severe injuries when involved in accidents with cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. We advocate for bicyclists' rights and pursue top compensation for injuries caused by negligent drivers to recover all allowable damages.

Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians injured by careless drivers, sometimes suffering catastrophic injures, and their family members when the pedestrian is killed with a wrongful death claim have the right to seek full compensation for their injuries, losses and damages. Our pedestrian accident attorneys help pedestrians navigate the legal process and pursue justice for their injuries to recover all damages allowed by California law.

Premises Liability-Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall Accidents: Property owners have a duty to maintain safe premises for their visitors. Our personal injury lawyers represent individuals injured in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents in holding property owners accountable for their negligence to recover full compensation for our injured clients.

Fork Lift and Lift Truck Accidents: Accidents involving fork lifts and lift trucks can result in extremely serious injuries. Our fork lift attorneys represent victims of these accidents to pursue maximum compensation from responsible parties for all injuries and damages.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks: Victims of dog bites deserve compensation for their injuries, regardless of the dog owner's prior knowledge of the dog's aggressiveness. In California, the owner of a dog who bites another is usually strictly liable to the victim, with a few exceptions that our dog bite injury lawyers can explain. Our firm helps dog bite victims recover all damages, including for hospital and other medical expenses, scarring and emotional trauma.

Wrongful Death: Losing a loved one in an accident is devastating. Our compassionate attorneys represent families in pursuing wrongful death claims to seek maximum and full compensation for all damages suffered and allowed under California law, including for all suffering prior to the time of death, and also for the permanent loss of love, companionship, emotional suffering, all financial support and all related losses and damages, including funeral and burial expenses.

Brain Injuries - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Traumatic brain injuries can have long-term consequences for victims and their families. Our personal injury law firm provides comprehensive legal support for TBI victims, ensuring they receive the necessary medical care and compensation for all their injuries and damages.

Concussions and Head Injuries: Concussions and head injuries require careful medical attention and legal advocacy. Our injury lawyers help victims of head injuries pursue the best care and full compensation for their injuries and damages.

Spinal Injuries to Neck & Back: Spinal injuries can result in lifelong injuries to a victim’s neck and or back, including pain, numbness and tingling, causing disabilities and medical expense for lifelong care. Our injury law firm fights for spinal injury victims to receive the medical care they need and deserve and to recover full and top compensation for all their damages and losses.

Fractures (Broken Bones): Fractures can lead to significant pain and impairment. Our injury lawyers help fracture victims get the specialized orthopedic care needed and fight to obtain full compensation for their injuries, related expenses and all damages.

Amputations: Losing a limb due to an accident is horrific and life-altering. Our legal team provides compassionate support and legal representation to amputation victims, helping them secure the monetary compensation they need and deserve, including for specialized medical care, rehabilitation and loss of income.

Knee Injuries: Knee injuries can result in long-term disabilities with medical care and treatments, including surgeries with knee replacements. Our injury lawyers advocate for knee injury victims to ensure they receive maximum compensation for all their injuries, pain and all their losses damages.

Shoulder Injuries: Shoulder injuries can impact a person's ability to work and perform daily activities. Our injury law firm helps shoulder injury victims pursue full compensation for their needed care and losses.

Burn Injuries: Burn injuries often require extensive hospital and other medical care, treatment, skin grafting and rehabilitation. Our attorneys represent burn injury victims in seeking full compensation for all their injuries, all related expenses and all damages allowed under law.

CRPS and RSD: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD) can cause debilitating pain and suffering. Our injury lawyers represent CRPS and RSD victims in pursuing maximum compensation for their injuries, medical care, expenses and damages.

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Below is a list of some of our Practice Areas, divided for your convenience into two (2) sections—Types of Accidents and Types of Injuries:

Types of Accidents

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Types of Injuries

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You guys did a great job in settling my case! Hope you all do well and prosper. Thank you for a job well done. Jackie C.
We had two prior attorneys who were unable to settle our car accident case. We then hired Gary and Robert Walch and they not only got us both great settlements, but personally spent time with us explaining everything clearly. We couldn't be happier. Thank you! A.M. and M.A.
Dear Gary, I just want to thank you for working so hard on my case! I know at times we were a bit difficult, but you did a great job. I thank you and your son for good results. I will pass your number on to any one that I run across who may need a PI attorney! I send you warm regards. Julie B.
Dear Gary, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. The car accident was a very traumatizing experience for me. But knowing that I could trust you and your son, Robert, helped alleviate my fears and worries. Carmella C.
Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for making it so easy over e-mail for me. I'm a busy working mom of an Autistic 5 year old son and you guys were great. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Edna G.