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Invokana, Farxiga and Jardiance

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How to get Compensated for your Invokana Injury Claim Invokana Injury Claim and Case Information

InvokanaIf you or a family member has taken Invokana for diabetes, which works by blocking the kidneys’ ability to absorb sugars or glucose in the blood and flushing them out in the body’s urine, you may be at risk for, or may already be suffering from, the serious side effects associated with this drug. One such side effect is called Fournier’s Gangrene, which is an awful flesh eating bacterial infection that affects the victim’s genital area.

If you have been injured from any of Invokana’s harmful side effects, from flesh eating infections to kidney issues, it important to speak with a Woodland Hills Invokana injury attorney serving all of Los Angeles and California to see how you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

We have over 45 years of experience representing victims of injuries and their families, winning thousands and thousands of injury claims throughout Los Angeles and California. Our initial consultation and case evaluation are FREE so if you or a family member suffered any injury from taking Invokana, Farxiga or Jardiance, please call us now at 1 866 INJURY 2 (or 1.866.465.8792), after hours dial “1”, or contact us 24/7. We work on a contingency fee, which means not only is the initial consultation absolutely FREE but we only get paid if and when we WIN money for YOU!

We want to help you receive compensation for your injuries, which depending on your unique situation caused by Invokana may entitle you to compensation in excess of one million ($1,000,000.00) dollars for all your hospital and other medical bills, for your pain, suffering and inconvenience, for all your loss of earnings, wages, income and profits (if you are self employed), for your loss of enjoyment of life activities and for all your future losses for all these same damages including for your pain, medical expenses and loss of earnings.

What is Invokana?

Invokana is a drug used by people with type 2 diabetes. The purpose of this medication is to help control blood sugar levels and prevent high blood sugar. Invokana works by taking glucose from the blood, blocking its absorption, and instead helps the kidneys get rid of it in urine. The medicine also aims to help reduce the risks associated with diabetes such as stroke, cardiovascular issues, heart attack, loss of sight and nerve problems.

Harmful Side Effects of Invokana

While Invokana is used to attempt to help patients with type 2 diabetes, the drug has several painful and dangerous side effects. Many patients who have taken the drug in hopes it would be beneficial to their health, have instead been harmed by these dangerous side effects, including the following:

Fournier’s Gangrene: Perhaps the most serious of Invokana’s side effects, Fournier’s Gangrene is a flesh-eating bacterial infection that develops in and affects the genital area. Symptoms of this infection include painful burning, odor, itching, redness and swelling in the genital area. Though Fournier’s Gangrene is generally rare, supposedly numerous patients taking Invokana have contracted this infection. This infection is life-threatening and can require surgery to remove infected parts.

Lower Limb Amputations: It has been shown through clinical trials that patients with type 2 diabetes that take Invokana are more likely to be at risk for a lower limb amputation. This purportedly could include amputations of toes, feet or leg(s).

Ketoacidosis: Invokana can also cause Ketoacidosis—this causes your blood to become too acidic because when the body produces too many ketones (blood acids) and cannot produce enough insulin. Ketoacidosis can be deadly if left untreated.

Other Side Effects: Invokana can also result in many other painful side effects, including the following:

  • Kidney failure
  • Dehydration
  • Bone loss
  • Allergic reactions
  • Frequent urination or no urination
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeats

Experiencing these types of side effects can not only be extremely painful physically, but it can also take its toll on you emotionally and financially if you need extensive medical care as a result of taking Invokana. If you are dealing with the painful side effects of Invokana, it is important to talk to a Woodland Hills Invokana injury attorney right away. We have the needed resources and we work with experts to help you win your case!

Invokana Litigation

Many patients who have taken Invokana and have now become victims of its side effects have chosen to take legal action against the makers of the drug. Over the last few years, the FDA has released public warnings that the drug could cause the above-mentioned serious and dangerous side effects including Fournier’s Gangrene.

The main argument by the patients (the plaintiffs) in their claims against the company that makes Invokana, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is that the company did not sufficiently and properly test Invokana to be sure it was safe before putting it on the market. Plaintiffs also argue that Janssen Pharmaceuticals misstated to the FDA and public the risks associated with taking the drug and did not properly warn patients about the potential serious side effects that could occur due to taking the drug.

As a result of Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ decision to allow Invokana to be used, many patients have suffered from the alleged severe side effects—these side effects have resulted in further medical treatment, surgery, and, in the most tragic cases, death. The responsible parties should be held responsible for providing fair and reasonable compensation to those injured by their negligent or intentional careless choices.

If you have suffered from the side effects of Invokana, or any other drug, you may be able to join other patients in filing a mass tort claim against the parties responsible, including allegedly Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Mass torts, which are similar to class action suits, allow for many plaintiffs to bring a claim against a party or corporation for their responsibility in manufacturing and selling a bad drug or other product and making false claims about it. A key difference between a mass tort and class action is that in a mass tort case the claim is more personal, unique and the differing situation, physical harm and other details of each case can be taken into account for individualized damages awards or settlements, while in a class action its generally the injuries of the entire class that are divided somewhat equally among all members or participants of the class. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can explain all of this to you during your FREE consultation and case evaluation.

Get Help with Your Invokana Mass Tort Claim

If you have taken Invokana for your type 2 diabetes, you likely expected that the medicine would help your health, not harm it. If you are now experiencing or have experienced the dangerous side effects of Invokana, you deserve compensation for all your losses. This includes costs for all hospital and other medical care, emotional counseling or therapy, physical recovery costs, loss of earnings, and other compensation for the pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life that Invokana caused.

If you have lost a loved one due to the deadly side effects of Invokana such as Fournier’s Gangrene or kidney failure, you may be able to receive compensation for the wrongful death of your loved one. While certainly no amount of money can compensate for the loss of your loved one, the damages available for wrongful death can help cover costs associated with the funeral and burial and medical care of your loved one, as well as the pain and suffering, all of the future lost earning capacity, and other emotional damages you and your family have suffered.

To get help with your claim, contact the Woodland Hills Invokana injury lawyers at Walch Law. We care about our clients and helping them get the financial recovery they deserve after all they have been through.

We offer a FREE case consultation to injury victims or family members of victims to discuss the details of your case and answer your questions. We have all needed resources and work with experts to help win your case. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you are never charged any fee until we win! Contact us today to set up your FREE consultation by calling 1 866 INJURY 2 (866-465-8792). After hours, press “1”. We are ready to fight for justice on your behalf!

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