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At the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, A Law Corporation, our experienced team of local personal injury and wrongful death lawyers has over 45 years of experience winning thousands and thousands of injury and wrongful death cases in Los Angeles and Southern California, helping victims of injury accidents like you and their families in wrongful death cases obtain the maximum compensation they need and deserve after suffering injuries in an accident or collision. Few law offices have over 45 years of experience and the resources needed to win both large and small accident cases as we do!

We take great pride in providing aggressive and expert legal counsel to obtain the best settlement possible, while providing exceptional personal service to our injured clients and their families. We take time to explain everything and answer all your questions. We are a family owned law firm and we treat our clients the way you would like to be treated - like family! We are local, with offices in both the San Fernando Valley / Calabasas and Beverly Hills / Los Angeles. We can even do everything remotely so you do not have to travel from your home! We do not spend millions on television, radio and billboard ads; we spend our money on our cases. We help with all of the following:

  • Medical care and medical specialists with NO advance payment required, including with medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, neuro-surgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, psychologists, dentists, physical therapists, scans (MRI, CT and X-Rays), etc.
  • Property damage settlements including repair, total loss and diminution in value
  • Rental cars and loan cars
  • Medications and other prescriptions
  • Cash advances and emergency loans, often with the assistance of a client funding company
  • Transportation to and from your doctors and physical therapists and
  • Assistance with all of the many other problems and issues that may arise in the aftermath of an injury accident.

Since our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have represented victims of many types of accidents in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, Orange and Ventura Counties and throughout the state of California, we are sensitive to the pain and stress, including huge hospital and medical bills with loss of wages, that an injury accident can cause victims and their families.

Our expertise, knowledge, hard work, caring and exceptional personal service are unmatched and include:

  • Over 45 years of experience winning thousands and thousands of wrongful death, catastrophic injury and other personal injury accident claims, including newer claims against Uber, Lyft and other rideshare companies.
  • Over 98% success rate*
  • We are a local personal injury law firm, providing exceptional personal service, with all the resources needed to win your case. We are NOT a huge impersonal national law firm spending millions of dollars advertising all over TV whose clients may only be a number. We spend our time, energy and resources on our clients and their cases. Our partners were born in Los Angeles and raised in California. We truly care about each of our clients, from obtaining the best possible settlements to helping our injured clients obtain the best possible medical care, including doctors, dentists, surgeons, therapy and psychological counseling when needed.
  • Winning millions and millions of dollars for clients just like you, and winning over $100,000,000.00 for our clients!
  • Personal Injury Attorney of Year - 2010, 2014 and 2017**
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  • Served as Chairperson of Civil Litigation-Tort Section, Westwood Bar Association
  • Served as Arbitrator, Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Graduate of UCLA School of Law, 1975
  • Graduated UCLA School of Law and UCLA Undergraduate, Summa cum laude (with Highest Academic Honors) and Phi Beta Kappa (Our Nation's Oldest and Most Prestigious Academic Honor Society)
  • FREE consultation and NO fee on injury accident cases until you WIN! If we take your case, we work on a contingency fee.

Devastating, potentially life-changing accidents and car collisions, some causing fatalities with wrongful death claims, can occur in virtually any situation, such as:

  • Motor vehicle collisions, involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians
  • Uber, Lyft and other ride share cars and vehicles
  • Accidents involving public transportation vehicles like buses, metro rail and trains
  • Uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) claims
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Forklift and lift truck accidents
  • Slip and falls and trip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites and dog attacks
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Burn and electric shock injuries
  • Ladder accidents
  • Job-related accidents that may give rise to a workers' compensation claim.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, senior partners and founder Gary Walch and Robert Walch are familiar with the issues that apply to each of these specific types of injury cases in Los Angeles and all of California. We can promptly investigate your case, gather evidence on your behalf, and fiercely advocate for you during settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and, when needed, at trial.

Our law firm is exclusively dedicated to pursuing personal injury and wrongful death cases, and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients just like you in settlements and verdicts. We have a success rate of over 98 percent (98%), and we do not charge any fees unless we get compensation for you. We work on a contingency fee basis on injury accident cases and our consultation is absolutely FREE!

Car Accidents

To recover compensation after a car accident, you must show that the driver who caused your injuries failed to use appropriate care at the time of the collision and that your injuries resulted directly from this failure of using due care. This failure to use due care or reasonable care is called negligence. There are many ways that car accidents can occur, such as rear-end collisions, left-turn accidents, side-impact or T-bone collisions and U-turn accidents.

Our personal injury attorneys can help Los Angeles residents and other victims in Southern California identify who was responsible for causing the collision and pursue compensation from that person or entity, usually via the responsible party's insurance company. This often includes hospital and other medical expenses; nursing care; prescriptions and other medications; lost wages, income and loss of earning capacity; pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life activities; reduced quality of life; property damage including for repairs, total loss and diminution in property value; and the costs of future care and treatment. There is a limited time within which a victim can bring a claim, known as the statute of limitations, and it is also important to take action promptly so that critical evidence does not disappear and to comply with time requirements and conditions set forth in various insurance policies and also the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), including timely filing the DMV SR 1 form.

In some situations, an uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured driver (UIM) causes a serious accident. When this happens, an experienced car accident lawyer can help a victim in settlement negotiations with his or her own insurance company under the uninsured or underinsured motorist provisions of their policy. It may seem that your insurer should be cooperative because of your own insurance policy or contract for insurance with your own insurance company, but, in fact, insurers often fight these claims tenaciously, standing in the shoes of the at-fault driver. Unfortunately, too often your own car insurance company is not there to help you, but still trying to save money, lower settlements and make a big profit. Legal representation is just as important in these situations as when you are making a claim against the driver and owner of the other vehicle and their car insurer.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents cause some of the most catastrophic injuries, including fatalities resulting in wrongful death accident claims. This is not surprising, considering the massive size and weight of these vehicles. What may be surprising is how often commercial drivers and trucking companies fail to operate, inspect and maintain their vehicles safely and follow federal and state regulations. Like someone injured in a car crash, a truck accident victim would try to show that the other driver, often referred to as the defendant, did not operate their truck in the way that a reasonably prudent driver would have operated it or did not properly inspect and maintain it.

Truck drivers are required to complete substantial training and certification requirements, and they must perform routine inspections of their vehicles before driving each day. They also need to obey hours of service rules that are designed to prevent crashes caused by truck driver fatigue, but the pressure to meet deadlines often leads to violations with catastrophic collisions. Our Woodland Hills personal injury lawyers can help you hold a driver or a trucking company accountable for violating regulations, procedures and laws and all resulting injuries and damages for truck collisions that occur anywhere in California.

California law also recognizes a doctrine called vicarious liability, which holds employers liable for the careless acts that their employees, including their truck drivers, commit during the course and scope of their employment. This allows a claimant and the victim's family in a wrongful death truck accident case to bring a claim against a careless truck driver's employer as well, even if the trucking company was not careless or negligent itself. Of course, if a trucking company fails to act with due care in hiring and supervising employees, or if it fails to perform appropriate inspections and maintenance on its vehicles, it can be held directly liable for a collision accident and all resulting injuries and damages.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders often suffer some of the most catastrophic injuries of any type of motor vehicle accident. Motorcycles are a common sight on freeways and other roads in Southern California. Unfortunately, riders are exposed to the elements, including wet slippery roads when it rains, and essentially are unprotected from the severe impact of a car or truck that collides with them. This means that motorcyclists often suffer devastating injuries, such as brain injuries (sometimes called traumatic brain injury or TBI), paralysis, amputations, fractures, lacerations and burns, and sometimes even fatalities resulting in wrongful death cases, so they and their families may need a substantial amount of compensation for their resulting hospital and other medical expenses, nursing care, future medical costs, and lost income, including loss of future earning capacity.

Other drivers and their insurers sometimes argue that a motorcyclist acted carelessly in causing the crash or collision, especially because the loud noise associated with many motorcycles often makes witnesses believe the motorcycle is traveling faster than it really is, but a thorough investigation of the accident scene by expert attorneys and their investigators often can defeat this argument. While helmets are required to, among other things, try to prevent head and brain (TBI) injuries, sometimes a helmet is not available and assistance from an expert lawyer is needed. Moreover, even when a rider was partly at fault, the pure comparative negligence rule in California allows them to recover compensation that is proportionate to the other driver's responsibility for causing the motorcycle accident or collision. Working out the proper percentage of comparative negligence requires the assistance of an expert motorcycle accident attorney.

Bicycle (Bike) Accidents

Los Angeles County and neighboring counties such as San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and Ventura are favorable areas for recreational bicycling activities. However, there are many safety risks involved for bike riders. For example, some car and truck drivers may fail to yield the right of way or fail to check a blind spot and hit a bicycle rider. When a car, truck or other vehicle collides with a bicyclist, the outcome can be devastating and sometimes even fatal for the victim resulting in a wrongful death case. Cars and other vehicles, made of steel and other very hard metals, weigh thousands of pounds, so when they collide with an unprotected bicycle rider, the results can be disastrous, with catastrophic injuries and sometimes even fatalities resulting in wrongful death accident claims.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, or a family member killed resulting in a wrongful death claim, you can bring a personal injury action against a driver, the driver's employer at the time and vehicle owner to recover monetary compensation. Some of the most common reasons why drivers collide with cyclists include distracted driving, failure to pay attention, fatigue, drunk driving and speeding. Since bicyclists can be difficult to see, drivers must stay alert to their surroundings when making right turns, entering crosswalks or when traveling near driveways or on roads that have bike lanes. Bicyclists should also use due care, including to wear white or light colored clothing and have lights and reflectors when riding at night, use helmets and comply with the rules of the road.

In some cases, a driver will argue that a bicyclist's own comparative negligence contributed to the accident. However, even if the bike rider did something careless or unsafe, it is NOT a complete bar to any recovery. Rather, under California's pure comparative negligence rule, a bicyclist may still obtain an amount of compensation that is proportionate to the other driver's degree of fault. In such situations, it is very important to have the assistance of an expert bicycle personal injury attorney to negotiate the best and lowest possible percentage of comparative negligence to increase the settlement recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents

In densely populated areas, many people choose to walk from one location to another. People walking on sidewalks and streets are referred to as pedestrians. Sometimes people using roller skates, roller blades and skateboards are also called pedestrians. When motorists fail to take proper care while driving, serious pedestrian accidents can result. If you have suffered injuries as a result of a driver acting carelessly behind the wheel, you can bring a negligence claim against both the driver, the employer of the driver at the time if any, and registered owner of the vehicle to recover compensation for your hospital and other medical bills and lost wages. You can also recover compensation for your ongoing future medical needs and any loss of future earning capacity.

Since pedestrian accidents are often very severe, due to the lack of protection for a pedestrian against a powerful steel vehicle, the injuries that the victims experience often lead to lifelong, debilitating conditions. In some situations, the accident may even prove fatal, in which case the victim's family can bring a wrongful death claim. Our expert pedestrian personal injury lawyers can guide Woodland Hills residents and other people in Los Angeles County and all of California through these tragic situations no matter where in Los Angeles or California the pedestrian injury accident occurred.

Premises Liability-Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall Accidents

Premises liability claims arise from situations in which a victim suffers injuries while on another person's property, such as a customer in a store, guest in a friend's house or pedestrian walking on a public sidewalk. This property is often referred to as the premises where the accident or incident occurs. One of the most common examples is a slip and fall accident at a supermarket or other business. In a typical slip & fall accident, the victim slips on water or juice that the store failed to clean-up or failed to post proper warning signs. A similar but different cause is a trip & fall accident. One of the most typical trip & fall accidents is when a pedestrian trips on an uneven deviation in a public sidewalk and another is when a store leaves a box, broom or other object in an aisle that a customer does not see because the customer's attention is diverted by all the colorful signs and displays.

According to California law, owners and occupiers of land and premises have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition and also to ensure that customers and other members of the public are warned about any unsafe or dangerous conditions of which the owners or occupiers of the premises know or should know about. Proving notice of a dangerous condition often involves showing that it was present for a long enough period of time so that a business or individual acting reasonably in these circumstances would have discovered it and had a reasonable opportunity to remedy or fix it before the incident occurred. This can require collecting witness testimony, reviewing surveillance videos, "sweep sheets" (that is, records of inspections of the area where the incident occurred) and other evidence, and retaining and consulting experts who can analyze how long the hazard likely existed, its cause and proving it created an unsafe and/or dangerous condition, causing the claimed injuries and damages.

Fork Lift and Lift Truck Accidents

The primary purpose of fork lifts and lift trucks is to lift and move large objects or materials to higher locations or to move them from one place to another. These vehicles can be operated either by a driver or by an individual walking alongside the lift truck vehicle. If the fork lift operator does not know how to use the vehicle appropriately, or if they fail to use due care when operating the vehicle, very serious injuries can result.

If you are injured in a fork lift or lift truck accident, our Woodland Hills and Calabasas personal injury attorneys can help you bring a claim against the individual and employer who caused your harm no matter where in California this injury accident occurred. If the person who caused your injury was working in the course and scope of their employment at the time of the accident, which is usually the case, then you also can bring a claim against the employer to recover all damages, including for hospital and other medical care, nursing care, lost wages and income, and, of course, pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life activities. Please contact our fork lift personal injury lawyers now for your FREE consultation and case evaluation.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

Dog bites are usually psychologically traumatic and often result in serious physical injuries, including scars, for the victim, especially when it is a small child. According to California's dog bite law, owners are strictly liable for injuries that their dogs inflict on victims, with some exceptions. This means that it does not matter whether the dog owner knew before the dog bite that the dog had an aggressive or vicious disposition. Prior knowledge or notice of any other dog bites or of any vicious propensities is not required for the dog's owner to be liable under California law. Some states require that owners are actually negligent, for example with knowledge that their dog bit someone before but did not take reasonable action to prevent future bites, but there is no "one bite" rule or prior notice rule for dog bites in California.

Dog owners are strictly liable when their dogs bite someone, even when there was no prior bite or vicious behavior, again subject to certain limited exceptions: To hold a dog owner liable under the dog bite statute [ California Civil Code Section 3342(a) ], the victim must show that they were bitten and that the bite occurred in a public location or in a private location where they were authorized to be at the time of the bite. Also, if someone is not the owner of the dog but is caring for the dog, they also may be liable if they were negligent while the dog in their care or custody bites someone (e.g., if they let the dog off a leash or with knowledge of the dog's dangerous propensities let the dog near someone who is bitten). But there is no automatic or strict liability for non-owners; to hold a non-owner liable it is necessary to prove negligence. In addition, some courts have interpreted the statute broadly to include injuries when the animal's teeth do not actually break the skin, but the dog puts its mouth on the victim.

We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for different dog bite victims so if you or a loved one suffered any dog bite or dog attack injury please contact us now for your FREE consultation so if you want we then may conduct our investigation and preserve evidence. It is also critical to receive appropriate medical care and report the incident to local animal control and, of course, our dog bite lawyers and legal team can assist you with all of this and everything else needed to help you. Our dog bite lawyers really care about getting you the best possible outcome for your case.

Wrongful Death

There is nothing more tragic or life-altering than suddenly losing a loved one in a serious car, truck or motorcycle collision or any other accident. Although no amount of financial compensation can make a family whole again after such a devastating loss, pursuing a wrongful death claim can help to ease the financial burdens that arise from a fatal accident, especially if the decedent was the primary source of financial support for the family. Forms of compensation include funeral and burial expenses, compensation for any hospital and other medical bills incurred from the accident, loss of income and other financial support, and compensation for the loss of your loved one's love, companionship, consortium, support, guidance and affection. The parties who can bring a wrongful death claim include surviving spouses, domestic partners and children. The California Codes or laws specify who can make such a claim. Only the persons named in CCP Section 377.60 are permitted to bring a wrongful death action.

Our wrongful death and personal injury lawyers can help Woodland Hills families try to show that the other parties acted negligently or sometimes even worse - unlawfully and/or recklessly - at the time of the incident and that this negligence or other wrongful conduct or unlawful conduct was the direct cause of their loved one's death, sometimes even allowing exemplary and punitive damages. Because of the obvious seriousness of the loss, damages for wrongful death claims are often in the millions of dollars.

Brain Injuries - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Although some accidents result in minor injuries that heal over time, others lead to devastating and life-altering injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In general, medical professionals classify traumatic brain injuries as either open head injuries (when an object penetrates the skull) or closed head injuries (when the brain is jolted by an impact but not penetrated). Mild cases usually involve symptoms like fatigue, headaches, minor memory loss and poor attention. Such complaints are sometimes referred to as a mild concussion. However, more serious cases can involve extensive cognitive disabilities, including substantial memory loss, personality changes, and a loss of the ability to hold a job.

Obtaining expert help, not just from our brain injury attorneys but also from expert heath care professionals like neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neurologists, psychologists, nurses, home care providers, physical therapists and life care planners, may be critical. Our brain injury lawyers assist our brain injured clients obtain such care, often with no money paid by the injured victim until the case is resolved. Appropriate neurological and other medical care really can make a big difference-please contact us now to discuss what we can do to help. Remember, our consultation is FREE, we work on a contingency fee (which means we do not earn a fee unless and until we win). and we really care about getting our clients the best medical care and financial recovery possible.

Concussions and Head Injuries

A concussion can be a relatively mild type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and head injury, but sometimes it can be very serious with terrible headaches and migraines, even leading to death with a wrongful death claim. While it is not as severe as some forms of TBI, concussions can lead to a temporary loss of brain function. Symptoms can be physical, behavioral and cognitive; and concussions can arise from a wide range of accidents, such as car crashes, slip and falls, workplace accidents and sports injuries sustained in football, basketball and soccer games.

People who have suffered from an initial concussion may be at greater risk for suffering a concussion in the future when they sustain other head injuries, and later concussions may have a more severe impact because of the prior concussion. In some cases, concussions can lead to psychological or neurological conditions like fatigue, depression, or Parkinson's disease. There is much on-going research in the field of concussions, much of it spurned on by football injuries and the resulting claims, including claims with settlement offers by the National Football League (NFL). It is very important to receive proper medical care for all concussions and other head injuries and to get proper rest post concussion, including taking careful and appropriate precautions during the healing process to prevent any possibility of further accidents with concessions and head injuries.

Spinal Injuries to Neck & Back

Spinal injuries often result in life-altering conditions, whether they affect the neck or back. Spinal injuries affecting the neck can cause chronic pain to the neck and also other parts of the body such as hands, fingers, legs, feet and toes, and may limit one's range of motion when it comes to turning and bending the neck and also affect one's balance. Spinal injuries affecting the back can cause excruciating pain and seriously impede one's ability to sit, stand, balance, run, walk and jump; and they may also prevent the injured victim from returning to one's usual employment.

In many cases, a spinal injury victim requires surgery, such as a fusion, laminectomy, lamnioplasty, discectomy or microdecompression, with ongoing medical care throughout the remainder of his or her lifetime. Such surgeries may be done in the hospital or surgery center as an outpatient (i.e., no overnight care required) or involve hospitalization for several days or weeks, depending upon various factors including the type of surgery or procedure and the condition of the injured patient. Our neck and back spine injury personal injury accident lawyers and law offices can help Woodland Hills residents and other victims throughout Los Angeles, Riverside and all of California identify who may have been responsible for causing their spinal injury and aggressively pursue that person or entity for compensation for all damages, including for all hospital and medical charges, loss of wages and other lost income, pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life activities, and all other appropriate damages.

Fractures (Broken Bones)

Also known as broken bones, fractures can result from a sudden impact such as a car accident or a fall. This type of injury involves a break in the continuity of a bone. Incomplete fractures are situations in which the fragments of the bone are still partly joined together, and the crack in the tissue does not cross the entire bone. By contrast, complete fractures occur when the bone has separated completely. A comminuted fracture refers to a case in which the bone has separated into multiple pieces. Any of these types of fractures can require multiple surgeries, hospitalizations with traction, therapies and rehabilitation before a victim can return to his or her normal life.

One good thing about fractures in the claims process is that they usually are visible on X-Rays and scans, such as CT Scans, so insurance companies cannot reasonably deny their existence as they like to do with many other injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and back injuries. Those who were responsible for causing the accident that resulted in the fracture should bear the related costs to bring the victim back to his or her pre-accident condition so please contact us right away for your absolutely FREE consultation and case evaluation.


Losing a limb as a result of another person's carelessness is a life altering, shattering experience. In some cases, a catastrophic accident directly results in the loss of the limb, while, in other cases, an amputation proves necessary to resolve a complication arising from an accident, such as an infection of a wound. The amputation of a foot, leg, arm, hand or finger likely will have a significantly negative impact on a victim's quality of life and may even forestall them from returning to their usual occupation or hobbies. Sometimes prosthetics are available, providing some relief and benefit to the victim.

Both economic damages (e.g., hospital and medical bills, loss of income and wages, etc.) and non-economic damages (e.g., general damages for pain, suffering, inconvenience and loss of enjoyment of life activities) in these cases may be substantial, and it is important to explore the full scope of a victim's harm when bringing a claim for compensation. Both expert legal representation and specialized health care are essential to assist the victim of such devastating incidents and injuries. Please contact us now as it is our primary concern to help our injured clients receive the best possible medical care and financial recovery possible.

Knee Injuries

A knee injury often arises from a motor vehicle collision, such as when a driver's knee strikes the dashboard because of the impact from a car or other vehicle. These injuries also can happen in accidents on another person's property. For example, the lack of a handrail on a staircase or uneven pavement can cause a victim to fall forward on their knee or traumatically twist their knee, resulting in fractures, torn ligaments and other injuries. Such injuries routinely require long physical therapy and sometimes even reconstructive knee surgery. Sometimes even requiring a knee replacement surgery.

If you have suffered a knee injury in one of these situations or another incident due to the carelessness of others anywhere in Los Angeles or California, the personal injury lawyers at our Calabasas and Woodland Hills law offices are ready to help you investigate what happened and secure necessary medical care with orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, physical therapists and, when needed, transportation to the doctor. Our accident knee injury lawyers will work closely with you not only to prove the current impact the accident caused you, but also the future toll that it may take on your daily life so you can recover maximum reimbursement and compensation for your knee injury.

Shoulder Injuries

An injury to the shoulder region can be extremely debilitating and painful. In some instances, it may prevent the victim from engaging in their occupation, either temporarily or permanently, as well as many usual activities. In severe cases, a shoulder injury can lead to chronic pain and suffering, or even a lack of mobility, requiring arthroscopic surgery or other types of surgery.

If you suffered damage to your shoulder as a result of an avoidable accident caused by someone else, you may be entitled to compensation from the person who caused your injuries. For instance, bicyclists and pedestrians in Los Angeles County including Calabasas and Woodland Hills can suffer severe shoulder injuries when the force of a vehicle striking them throws them onto the hard pavement. If you suffered a shoulder injury in any California accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for all of your injuries and damages. Please contact us now for your absolutely FREE consultation.

Burn Injuries

While broken bones and bruises usually heal and fade over time, burn injuries are not only extremely painful but can leave a victim with permanent and disfiguring scars and nerve pain. While some believe burns are classified only as first, second or third degree, burns actually can be classified as first, second, third or fourth degree burns, with first-degree being the least severe and fourth-degree the most severe burn, affecting the muscles and bones under the layers of the skin.

When a burn injury is severe, a victim faces a very long road to recovery, often filled with painful treatments and time in the hospital. The most serious burn injury cases can involve damage to tissues, muscles and bones, or even amputation involving the loss of the affected body part. Ensuring that you receive the best burn medical care and full amount of compensation that you need to cover your hospital and other medical bills and future medical care are critical. Speak to a knowledgeable and very experienced personal injury lawyer at our law firm today to learn more about how to receive top medical care and recover maximum compensation for burn injuries.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that involves excessive and prolonged pain, fluctuations in skin temperature and color, and inflammation. This nerve disorder does not have a known cure, potentially leaving victims with a lifetime of pain and discomfort. When it comes to the cause, CRPS or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, commonly referred to as RSD, often results from motor vehicle collisions, forklift accidents or workplace mishaps, particularly those in which crushing traumas occur such as when a foot is hit, struck or crushed and injured. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD) is sometimes used synonymously with CRPS and sometimes refers to a type of CRPS in which there is a tissue injury but not an underlying nerve injury.

If you are suffering from CRPS or RSD, you should see an attorney at our law firm experienced in handling such injury claims and also a CRPS medical expert, who is often an experienced pain management physician, and you may be entitled to significant compensation for your past and future medical bills, including physical therapy, acupuncture and psychological counseling, as well as damages stemming from any reduced income and earning capacity, and, of course, your severe pain and suffering.

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