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Dog Bite Injury and Dog Attack Injury Advice

What to do if You are bit or Attacked by a Dog in Los Angeles, The San Fernando Valley, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino or Anywhere in California

While dogs make wonderful pets, when they are mistreated, let to roam in public off leash or otherwise not properly restrained, they may cause serious and sometimes even deadly bites resulting in fatalities and wrongful death dog bite claims.

Injuries occur not only from dog bites, but also when an angry or an excited dog jumps on someone and/or knocks someone down.

Under California Law owners of dogs are usually automatically and strictly liable for all damages caused when their dog bites another person.

Victims of dog bites are entitled to medical care and also psychological counseling and medications to deal with the fears and nightmares often associated with animal attacks. For more information about compensation and damages allowed in dog bite and dog attack injury claims, please click on our Damages in California for Dog Bite Attack web page

Also, for more information on what to do if you are bit or attacked by a dog, please click on our Dog Bite Cases web page and if you are ever attacked by a dog or other vicious animal, here are a few things to do right away:

  • Try to get away from the dog or other vicious animal and get to a safe and secure location.
  • If you cannot get away fast enough and if you have anything with you like a handbag, stick or other object, use it to fend off the attacking dog or other vicious animal. We have had cases where a broom was used to ward off a pack of wild dogs in south Los Angeles and another in Sherman Oaks where a woman used her handbag to fight off a vicious dog.
  • Yell for help. Someone may come to assist you.
  • Call 911 for the police and, if needed, paramedics.
  • Try to identify the owner of the dog, including name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • If the dog owner has a house nearby, note its address and ask the dog owner who is the insurer as usually homeowners insurance or apartment renters insurance will cover the owner when the owner’s dog bites and/or attacks someone. Unfortunately, some policies do not cover such situations, for example when the dog is a Pit Bull that may be excluded from coverage.
  • Obtain the name, address, telephone number and email address for any witnesses to the attack and/or your injuries.
  • Take photographs of the injuries, bite marks, scene and dogs involved. Remember, many mobile phone devices include a camera and video function to record these important things.
  • Record the exact address where the dog bite and/or dog attack occurred.
  • If the police and/or paramedics come, be sure to make a full report, including describe all bites and other injuries. For examples, we have had dog attack cases where our client is not only bitten, but also knocked down, suffering other injuries, including torn ligaments in the knee. In addition, sometimes our clients have their own dogs with them who also are bitten and injured. All of this must be reported to the investigating officers.
  • Never state that you did anything wrong or contributed to causing this incident. Do NOT admit any fault.
  • You may call us from the scene of the attack at 818-222-3400 (after hours extension 1) for immediate legal advice. This consultation is always FREE.
  • Seek immediate medical care as needed and appropriate, often at the closest hospital emergency room or urgent care center. You also may contact us for the name of a local doctor, if care is not urgent, who may treat you on a lien basis where NO money is due until your claim is resolved.
  • If your dog also was bitten or otherwise injured, take your dog to the vet or emergency animal hospital as soon as possible. Be sure to tell the vet what happened and obtain a report describing the injuries and care.
  • Call Animal Control for the area you are in and make a full report. Animal control should promptly investigate to confirm the identity of the dog owner and verify the dog had its proper vaccinations. The Animal Control report should be made available to you and/or we can obtain it when its ready. You can get the number for Animal Control from the police, google or just contact us and we shall be happy to provide it to you.
  • Do NOT give a recorded statement or other statement to the other party’s insurance adjuster until you consult with an experienced personal injury dog bite attorney. You may call us at 818-222-3400 or 1-866-INJURY 2 (after hours, press extension 1) or simply click here for immediate legal advice. This consultation is always FREE and there is NO FEE on dog bite and other personal injury claims unless and until we WIN!.
  • As mentioned, dog bites can be very serious, sometimes even fatal. Immediate medical care and legal advice are necessary to obtain the care and financial recovery you deserve.

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