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Why Does the Hernia Mesh Cause Nerve Pain?

Hernia MeshIt is possible that your hernia mesh implant will later cause you nerve pain after your surgical procedure to repair your hernia. The nerve pain that some people experience after the implantation of a hernia mesh after a hernia repair can be on account of a complication related to the hernial surgical procedure. If there is an increased situation of pain for the patient, then it may be because of the polypropylene mesh that was used in the surgery. The nerves of a person who has just had a hernia repair surgery may be agitated by a prosthetic hernial mesh, which can increase the levels of pain for the person who had the hernia repair.

Hernia Mesh Surgeries Can Result in Constant Pain and Complications After the Surgical Procedure

There are many different types of complications that can result after a poorly performed hernia repair surgery. These complications can be debilitating for the patient, and can include issues with:

  • Pain at the surgical site
  • Infection at surgical site
  • Mesh shrinking
  • Chronic pain after the surgery
  • Seroma
  • Hematoma
  • Injuries to the bladder
  • Adhesion of mesh to other organs
  • Movement of other organs
  • Obstruction of the bowel
  • Mesh migration
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Vascular injuries after surgery
There Can Be Chronic Groin Pain and Nerve Injury Following a Hernia Mesh Surgical Procedure

Many people experience chronic groin pain after an inguinal hernial repair. The pain can affect the nerves and start off as a mild pain a few days after the surgery, that can turn into a chronic pain in the groin later on with this type of surgery. If a person has recurrent pain after a surgery for a hernia, it is going to be sorely disappointing to be stuck with this pain for the rest of the person’s life. There may have been mistakes made during the surgery, or issues with the surgery that resulted in negligence from the surgeon, in regard to the surgical procedure. If the inguinal nerves are affected during a hernial repair of the groin area, then there needs to be a review of the nerves that might be affected or damaged from the surgical hernial repair.

There Are Three Nerves in a Groin Hernia Repair That Can Be Damaged During the Surgery

The three nerves that can be damaged during a groin hernia repair are:2

  • Ilioinguinal nerve
  • Iliohypogastric nerve
  • Genitofemoral nerve

In some instances, these nerves can be damaged when the surgeon performs a dissection or a retraction of the tissues around the groin during the hernia surgery. Oftentimes, the nerves can become entrapped and form a post-operative fibrosis, mesh-related fibrosis or the sutures used in the surgical procedure for the hernia can become affixed to the hernia mesh by accident.2 This may beg the question that there was a negligence in the surgical procedure, because of a failure to visualize the nerves that were damaged during the surgery, or that the surgeon failed to protect the nerves in this region of the body. If the surgeon did not recognize or identify the anatomic variations of the nerves in this area of the body, it may lead to later pain along the logical distribution of those nerves, which can result in chronic pain for the person who had the hernia mesh surgery.

If you have any questions regarding localized and constant nerve pain following your hernia mesh surgery, you can feel free to call us today at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch. We are available for you, and you can speak to us now at 866-INJURY2 or 866-465-8792.

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  • 2Hakeem, A., & Shanmugam, V. (2011). Inguinodynia following Lichtenstein tension-free hernia repair: a review. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 17(14), 1791–1796.
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