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Personal Injury Accident in Reseda, California

Nobody plans to be hurt in an accident, so it’s understandable than when you’re injured in Reseda because of someone else’s actions you may be overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. That’s where the experienced personal injury attorneys at Walch Law come into the picture. Robert and Gary have over 45 years of experience representing injury victims like you and achieving a 95+% success rate for our clients. We understand that unexpected injuries can turn your world upside down, but we are here to help you get the money and closure you need now. Let our team review your unique situation, explain the personal injury lawsuit process, answer your questions, and discuss how we’ll fight for you to get the compensation you. Contact us today to get started on the road to recovery.

What Does Personal Injury Mean?

A personal injury occurs when someone suffers harm – physical, mental, emotional, or even financial – that is caused by the negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior of another party. These injuries can entitle you to compensation for your harms from the wrongdoer. In Reseda, it’s common to see personal injury lawsuits filed for damages arising from:

In a growing city like Reseda, with 80,524 residents, there are a multitude of scenarios that can give rise to personal injury lawsuits. The city is located by the busy 101 and 405 freeways in the Los Angeles metro area, and residents in the area face roads packed with distracted drivers, road rage, speeders, and the worst traffic in America – a staggering 5 days a year are spent by drivers in the Los Angeles metro area in their cars. In addition to car accident injuries and deaths, like one where a motorcyclist at Vanowen Street and Tampa Avenue was killed in a hit and run with a vehicle, the multitude of businesses, offices, recreational activities, and construction sites to accommodate the growing population all create situations where negligence can cause injury or death to innocent people.

Proving Liability

Victims of personal injuries most often file a lawsuit claiming they are owed compensation for their injuries because they were inflicted when a defendant acted negligently. If you can show the defendant breached a duty of care to you through act or omission and caused you harm, they will be liable for your damages.

Victims can also create the presumption of negligent conduct by showing the defendant harmed you while breaking any:

  • Law,
  • Rule, or
  • Regulation

designed to promote safety. This includes traffic laws against speeding or texting while driving.

Even if you are partly responsible for the accident that injured you, you may still be entitled to recover some compensation. In Reseda, under the theory of comparative negligence the court will review the facts of your case and assign each party involved a percentage of fault for their part in the accident. Any award for damages you are given will be reduced by the percentage of fault you were assigned.

Recovering for Your Personal Injuries

Even seemingly minor accidents can result in life-changing, catastrophic, or even fatal injuries for unsuspecting victims. In these situations, an innocent person’s life changes instantly and permanently – lifelong care and extensive medical treatment can result in astronomical bills, and the potential of an inability to work for life seriously impacts the victim and their family’s financial future. This is why courts may award victims of negligence compensation for their mental, physical, emotional, and even financial injuries. It’s common to see awards for injuries including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Hospital bills
  • Lost wages
  • Scarring, disfigurement, or disability
  • Property damage

In some cases, victims who can prove the wrongdoer engaged in grossly reckless, reprehensible, egregious, or intentional acts they may be entitled to an additional award of punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant’s extremely bad behavior and deter repetition of these and similar acts in the future. These are difficult to prove but can result in very large awards.

Speak to a Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one have been injured, we know you may be worried about medical bills, being unable to work, or whether you can afford an attorney to help you get compensation. The Reseda personal injury attorneys at Walch Law understand this concern, which is the reason all our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing until we win your case and you get paid. Our team will fight to get you closure and a check, so contact us today to set up your free initial consultation and get started!

Client Reviews
You guys did a great job in settling my case! Hope you all do well and prosper. Thank you for a job well done. Jackie C.
We had two prior attorneys who were unable to settle our car accident case. We then hired Gary and Robert Walch and they not only got us both great settlements, but personally spent time with us explaining everything clearly. We couldn't be happier. Thank you! A.M. and M.A.
Dear Gary, I just want to thank you for working so hard on my case! I know at times we were a bit difficult, but you did a great job. I thank you and your son for good results. I will pass your number on to any one that I run across who may need a PI attorney! I send you warm regards. Julie B.
Dear Gary, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. The car accident was a very traumatizing experience for me. But knowing that I could trust you and your son, Robert, helped alleviate my fears and worries. Carmella C.
Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for making it so easy over e-mail for me. I'm a busy working mom of an Autistic 5 year old son and you guys were great. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Edna G.