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Studio City Wrongful Death Lawyer

The unexpected loss of a loved one is never easy; however, when their death was avoidable but for someone else’s negligent or intentional behavior, it becomes a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. No matter how the death occurred, the deceased’s family often suffers catastrophic emotional and financial consequences as a result of their sudden, permanent absence. The experienced Studio City wrongful death lawyers at Walch Law understand your situation and have over 45 years of experience fighting for people just like you to get the money you need as quickly as possible. Contact us today for your no risk, no cost initial consultation; let us show you why Robert, Gary, and their team are the people you want in your corner during this difficult time.

Wrongful Death Defined

There are some situations that come to mind immediately when people think of wrongful deaths. For example, the recent incident in Studio City where a drunk driver in Ventura killed himself and two others when his car left the road, sheared through a gas line, smashed into a pizzeria’s storefront on Ventura Boulevard, and burst into flames.

However, in reality there are numerous other scenarios that may not strike people as obvious cases that may give eligible surviving loved ones standing to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the wrongdoer. It’s not uncommon too see claims arising from:

It is important to understand that because wrongful death claims are civil and not criminal, eligible survivors may file and litigate a wrongful death lawsuit even if there is a pending or active criminal case against the wrongdoer to hold them accountable for their actions.

Eligible Survivors

When someone has died tragically and unexpectedly, everyone who knew and loved the deceased may understandably feel grief and anger at the avoidable loss. However, just because you are suffering as a result of a loved one’s death does not mean you are automatically entitled to receive compensation for injuries that result.

In California, laws have been passed determining which of a decedent’s surviving family members have the legal standing to properly file a wrongful death lawsuit and seek compensation for harms resulting from their loved one’s death.

The primary category of eligible survivors with priority to file a suit are closely related family members including:

  • The decedent’s surviving spouse;
  • Their children;
  • If the decedent’s child is also deceased, any living children descended from that child; and
  • The decedent’s registered domestic partner.

If anyone in this priority category exists, no other survivors are granted standing to sue for wrongful death. However, if there are no family members in this first tier, the right to sue for wrongful death passes to a financially dependent:

  • Parent of the decedent;
  • Stepchild of the decedent;
  • Putative spouse (A person who holds the legitimate belief they were legally married to the decedent and acted as such when in fact the marriage was legally invalid); and/or
  • Putative spouse’s children.
Wrongful Death Damages

After a loved one’s death, it’s understandable you may wonder what you can recover in damages. The loss of a loved one can wreak financial havoc on a family’s life if they were financially dependent on the deceased. If an eligible survivor proves the defendant negligently, recklessly, or intentionally brough about their loved one’s death and injured them, courts may award compensatory damages. Even though nothing can bring back the dead, surviving victims may be entitled to damages for:

  • The amount of expected financial support contributed by the deceased to the household,
  • The value of the deceased’s services in the household, and
  • The value of their love, affection, guidance, moral support, community, and attention that are no longer available.
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The wrongful death instantly changes the lives of close family members and can cause unnecessary financial stress on top of the emotional toll a sudden loss can take. The skilled Studio City wrongful death attorneys at Walch Law understand what you are going through; that’s why we will fight for you to get the money you deserve quickly in order to easy financial worries and focus on healing. Robert and Gary have over 45 years experiences getting our clients the most money possible for their injuries and a 98%+ success rate, so call today to learn about the lawsuit process, get your questions answered, and take the first step towards recovery.

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