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Personal Injury Accident in Saugus, California

Home to just over 41,000 people, the neighborhood of Saugus, California is rich with history and vision. This region was one of three to be merged together to create the city of Santa Clarita. Although the four communities still retain their individual identities, the city itself is a thriving metropolis. Santa Clarita has amazing dining, shopping, and outdoor activities for visitors and residents alike to enjoy.

If you or some one that you love has been hurt by someone in Saugus, you are probably wondering if you can recover compensation for the financial burden that has been placed on your shoulders due to the injury. We have 40+ years of experience in successfully handling personal injury cases similar to yours and have placed millions of dollars back into the pockets of our clients.

With some of the most aggressive lawyers in the state, we will make sure that no stone goes unturned when working on your case. Visit our website here to find out more about our firm and how we can help you recover. You can speak with one of our experienced Saugus personal injury lawyers for a free consultation regarding your accident and begin the road to your recovery.

Personal Injury Claims in Saugus

When someone files a personal injury claim, it is because they have received bodily harm due to someone else’s negligence. Negligence is usually defined as a failure to exercise a required level of care to another person. For example, a driver that hits a pedestrian while they are texting would likely be found negligent. Drivers owe a duty of care to those around them and choosing to text is a breach of that duty.

To prove negligence, the victim must prove that the person who caused the injury (1) owed a certain level of care to the victim, (2) that duty was breached, and (3) the breach in duty resulted in bodily harm to the victim. Our experienced Saugus personal injury lawyers can help you to determine whether or not you qualify as a victim in a personal injury case, so call us today for a complimentary consultation!

Personal injuries usually cause a large financial burden for the victim, along with their loved ones. These injuries are not limited to physical injuries, but also include mental and emotional stress. We help such victims to obtain financial compensation for the expenses that they have paid for associated with the accident from the at-fault party involved in the accident. Some of the most common types of expenses associated with personal injuries in Saugus include:

  • Hospital Bills and Ambulance Fees – If your personal injury required transportation to a medical center via ambulance, your insurance might only cover a portion of your bills. Additionally, if you were required to have surgery or stay in the hospital for an extended period of time, your expenses can quickly add up.
  • Doctor’s Appointments, Physical Therapy, and Medication – Your injury may require repeated visits to your primary care physician and in some cases to a specialist. You might need months of physical therapy and multiple refills of prescription medication to help manage pain or fight infections. All of these individual costs can become increasingly overwhelming as time goes on, putting additional pressure and stress onto your plate.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses – There might be additional expenses from your accident that are important to identify, such as an extended period without work, permanent disability, and loss of future income. Our expert attorneys will make sure than no cost to you, now or in the future, is lost during your case.

We will work with you to make sure that you are getting the legal representation that you deserve. Our priority is to gain your trust and maximize your compensation! Call us today to learn more.

Talk to an Experienced Saugus Personal Injury Lawyer Now

When we work on your case, we view it as more than a job. We care about you as a person and want to make sure that you maximize your compensation by holding the party responsible for the accident accountable. At Walch Law, we offer free consultations where you can speak to one of our experienced Saugus personal injury lawyers regarding the specific aspects of your case. We do this because we want you to know what we can do for you if you hire us as your legal representation in your personal injury claim. Call our office now at 866-INJURY2 [866-465-8792] or visit our website to begin the process of receiving your financial compensation. We are available 24.7 and look forward to taking your call.

Client Reviews
You guys did a great job in settling my case! Hope you all do well and prosper. Thank you for a job well done. Jackie C.
We had two prior attorneys who were unable to settle our car accident case. We then hired Gary and Robert Walch and they not only got us both great settlements, but personally spent time with us explaining everything clearly. We couldn't be happier. Thank you! A.M. and M.A.
Dear Gary, I just want to thank you for working so hard on my case! I know at times we were a bit difficult, but you did a great job. I thank you and your son for good results. I will pass your number on to any one that I run across who may need a PI attorney! I send you warm regards. Julie B.
Dear Gary, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. The car accident was a very traumatizing experience for me. But knowing that I could trust you and your son, Robert, helped alleviate my fears and worries. Carmella C.
Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for making it so easy over e-mail for me. I'm a busy working mom of an Autistic 5 year old son and you guys were great. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Edna G.