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Ventura Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

With crowded freeways, high gas prices, and limited, expensive parking, it’s no wonder people favor walking as a healthy and eco-friendly way to get around Ventura while taking advantage of the area’s beautiful weather. Despite the allure of walking, all the benefits disappear when pedestrian accidents occur with a motor vehicle, mass transit vehicle, or other large vehicle.That’s why as soon as you hire us the experienced Ventura pedestrian accident attorneys at the Walch Law Group will start work immediately to get you the money you need to get back on your feet. Robert and Gary know you need a check quickly to cover your expenses, so there are never unnecessary delays in your case. Call us today to see why having a skilled team with over 45 years of experience and a 95+% percent success rate in your corner is the best choice for you to recover maximum possible compensation for your injuries.

Risks to Pedestrians in Ventura

Ventura is a very walkable city where most errands can be accomplished on foot. With galleries, beaches, restaurants, coffee shops, parks like Mission Park, Ventura Botanical Gardens, bars, and groceries all within a few blocks of each other in downtown Ventura, it makes more sense to walk than take a car from place to place. However, being a pedestrian in Ventura does not come without risk. Recently, a pedestrian was killed after being struck by a car at Harbor Boulevard and Beachmont Street.

Negligence and Liability

After pedestrian accidents, most victims pursue compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit in court arguing that someone’s negligence caused their injuries. Negligence requires proving the defendant:

  • Owed the victim a legal duty of care,
  • Breached the duty through an act or omission (failure to act when they should have acted), and
  • Their breach caused injury to the victim

It’s also possible for victims to get around proving the elements of negligence by using negligence per se instead. Under this theory, a defendant is presumed to have acted negligently if it can be proven they were breaking a law, rule, or regulation designed to promote safety when the injuries occurred. Importantly, for pedestrians, this includes traffic laws and regulations such as:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence
  • Texting and driving
  • Failing to yield
Damages in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrian accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and massive hospital bills for pedestrians due to the size difference between a person and a vehicle and the fact pedestrians don’t have the same protections afforded to drivers and passengers by their vehicles. If you prove negligence, the wrongdoer is liable for injuries you can prove to a court. Victims may receive damages for injuries including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and lost future earning capacity
  • Permanent disability, scarring, or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

The time after you have been injured in a pedestrian accident can understandably be traumatic, overwhelming, and confusing. You may not know what to do next to help yourself or your case. However, there are things you can do to benefit your health and your future case for compensation.

  • Seek medical attention immediately even if you think you weren’t hurt – some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, can take several days to present symptoms but be fatal if untreated
  • Get contact information from eyewitnesses.
  • Get insurance information from any drivers involved.
  • Photograph the accident scene, any vehicles involved, and any evidence such as skid marks
  • Notify law enforcement
  • Save important documents like hospital bills, receipts, and paystubs

Though there are several things you need to do to help your case, it’s also important you remember not to say or do anything that could jeopardize your recovery and damage the strength of your case. Never admit fault, apologize, talk about whether you’re injured or discuss any injuries, say you are fine or OK, or agree to provide recorded statements without first consulting an experienced attorney.

Contact a Lawyer Today

We understand the time after a traumatic pedestrian accident is overwhelming and you may be unsure what to do next. To get some peace of mind and make sure you take all the right steps, Ventura pedestrian accident lawyers Robert and Gary are here for you. Call today to set up a free initial consultation and get started. We are here to answer your questions, review your options, and explain the process of pedestrian accident lawsuits. Let us show you how our more than 45 years of experience with a 95+% success rate can help get you the money you need and the closure you deserve as quickly as possible.

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You guys did a great job in settling my case! Hope you all do well and prosper. Thank you for a job well done. Jackie C.
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Dear Gary, I just want to thank you for working so hard on my case! I know at times we were a bit difficult, but you did a great job. I thank you and your son for good results. I will pass your number on to any one that I run across who may need a PI attorney! I send you warm regards. Julie B.
Dear Gary, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. The car accident was a very traumatizing experience for me. But knowing that I could trust you and your son, Robert, helped alleviate my fears and worries. Carmella C.
Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for making it so easy over e-mail for me. I'm a busy working mom of an Autistic 5 year old son and you guys were great. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Edna G.