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Chatsworth Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber’s popularity is understandable in Chatsworth due to the city’s lack of extensive and efficient public transportation, its’ proximity to Los Angeles and the plethora of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues there, as well as the high cost of vehicle ownership. The company also supports safe driving behavior on the roads to keep drivers and riders safe. However, when someone is behaving negligently and an Uber accident does happen, the multiple parties involved, question of whether the Uber driver is at work, and question of who will pay for damages are often confusing. The Chatsworth Uber accident lawyers at Walch Law have over 45 years of experience and can answer your questions, explain the process of getting you the money you deserve, and tell you how we can help. Contact us today to schedule your no obligation, free initial consultation to get started! 

Risk of Chatsworth Uber Accidents

Uber reports more than 15 million passengers daily, so a large, densely populated city like Chatsworth near a major metro area sees hundreds of Uber rides occurring in and around the city each day. Because of this, and the large volume of car accidents in the area in general, it shouldn’t be surprising injury-causing Uber accidents are also a daily occurrence. Uber recently reported 58 fatal crashes related to Uber trips. However, they didn’t disclose how many accidents and injuries took place, though that number is undoubtedly higher. Uber trips on major highways by Chatsworth such as the 118, 5, and 405, and trips on busy area roads like South 3rd Avenue provide plenty of chances for negligent driving behavior like speeding or texting while driving to cause accidents, serious injury, or even death to drivers and passengers alike.

Who’s Responsible for Paying for My Damages?

In a perfect world, Uber’s insurance company will pay because they insure their drivers on the job and require that drivers also carry their own car insurance. However, sometimes the insurer may argue they’re not liable for your injuries and try to deny your claim. Depending on the driver’s status, who’s responsible for paying can vary.

If the Driver is Off Duty

Uber’s company insurance doesn’t apply. The driver’s personal auto insurance policy must cover any liability the driver incurred due to their negligent actions behind the wheel.

If the Driver is Available for Hire but Has Not Accepted a Ride Request

In this case, Uber’s insurance policy will cover up to $50,000 bodily injury coverage per person, up to $100,000 in liability for total injuries per crash the driver causes, and $25,000 in property damage the driver caused. The Uber driver’s injuries and damage to their vehicle, however, aren’t covered.

If the Driver is Hired and En Route to a Passenger

Uber’s liability insurance applies with an increase in coverage of up to $1 million.

If a Passenger Was Picked Up and is En Route to Their Destination

Uber’s elevated coverage applies. That policy covers $1 million in liability and $1 million worth of bodily injuries in an accident. Uber’s insurer must also cover their driver’s vehicle damage, but only if the driver also has their own personal collision or comprehensive insurance coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage is also provided while the driver is going to the passenger’s destination with them in the vehicle.  

What to Do if You’re in a Chatsworth Uber Accident

It’s understandable after a traumatic event like an Uber car accident you may be overwhelmed and unsure of what you need to do to protect your legal claim for recovery and tend to your health. A few simple steps can do a great deal of good for both these issues.

  • Call 911 right away if anyone is injured or property is damaged
  • Notify law enforcement and cooperate to help officers complete an accident report
  • Get a copy of the accident report from the police or your insurance company
  • Notify your insurance company to begin the claims process, but avoid giving a recorded statement if possible
  • Do not apologize, admit fault, comment about whether or not you were injured, make recorded statements, or say things such as “I’m fine.”
  • Seek immediate medical treatment even if you believe you weren’t hurt
  • Take photographs of the scene, the vehicles, and your injuries, any evidence of fault such as skid marks, and traffic control devices such as stop signs
  • Get the names and information of everyone involved in the accident, any eyewitnesses, and the responding officers
  • Get the Uber driver’s license and personal auto insurance information
  • Contact an experienced lawyer right away
Get in Touch with a Lawyer

Being injured in any sort of car accident can turn your life upside down physically, emotionally and especially financially due to the cost of medical treatment and potential inability to work. That’s why as soon as you hire the experienced Chatsworth Uber accident lawyers at Walch Law, we will get to work on your case because we understand you need maximum compensation as soon as possible and the closure that a settlement check brings. With over 40 year of experience obtaining successful outcomes at a rate of 95+%, Robert and Gary are the attorneys you want in your corner fighting for you after a traumatic Uber accident.

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