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Northridge Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs have earned their title as “man’s best friend” – they serve both as loving, loyal companions as well as contributing members of society in their roles as service dogs and integral parts of military and law enforcement work. However, in the wrong situation when a dog becomes vicious and bites someone, the target of their aggression may find themselves left with catastrophic injuries or worse due to their immense power of these animals. When this happens, experienced Northridge dog bite lawyers at Walch Law know the extent of the trauma you may be suffering. That is why we will work to get you the check and sense of closure you need to help recover from what you’ve been through. Robert and Gary have spent more than 45 years fighting for clients like you with a success rate of 98%+, and from the moment you hire us they will use their skill, resources, and knowledge to get the maximum recovery possible to help you get your life back on track. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards justice.

Northridge Dog Bite Risks

Northridge is a suburban city in the San Fernando Valley with a population of 124,312. As a city with more residents living in homes with yards than many other cities in the LA Metro area, it’s home to a large number of dogs. The area also boasts dog-friendly activities such as Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park, Valanden Park, Dearborn Park, and the Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park, making the possibility of running into four-legged furry friends very strong in both neighborhoods and nature.

However, any encounter with a dog always has the potential to turn dangerous and bring devastating consequences. Recently, a neighborhood jogger was brutally mauled by a Dogo Argentino that escaped from its owner’s yard in Northridge, causing at least $190,000 in medical injuries. This serves as a stark reminder that even when you do nothing to provoke a dog, you may still become an attack victim and must exercise caution at all times.

What to Do if You are Bitten

A dog bite can leave you dazed and traumatized. Though you may be reeling, it is important to take a few steps to look after your well-being, strengthen your future legal claims, and protect the public.

  • Get medical treatment right away. Wounds caused by dog bites contain a lot of bacteria and can get infected easily. You will also need a rabies shot.
  • Gather information about the dog, its owner, and, if you were bitten on the owner’s property, their homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Take pictures of any injures, the area where the attack occurred, and the dog that bit you. If the dog is a stray or runs away, write a physical description of the animal for identification purposes.
  • Contact animal control immediately.
  • Contact a lawyer with dog bite case experience.
Owner Liability

Northridge dog owners are usually liable for injuries their dog inflicts. They are subject to strict liability, which means the usual requirements of negligence do not have to be satisfied to hold owners liable. To establish an owner’s strict liability, you must only prove:

  • They own the dog
  • You were bitten when you were on public property or legally on private property
  • You were injured by the bite

However, sometimes strict liability will not apply, and you must prove the owner’s negligence. Strict liability doesn’t apply if:

  • You provoked the dog
  • You were bitten when you were trespassing on private property
  • A law enforcement or military dog bites you during execution of its duties
Contact a Lawyer for Help Today

If you were bitten or otherwise attacked by a dog, you may be confused, overwhelmed, and not sure what steps to take to get your life back on track. You’ve already taken a promising first step by finding the skilled Northridge dog bite lawyers at The Walch Law Group. We understand you need money now, so from the moment you hire us, we will start putting our experience and resources to work in order to secure maximum compensation on your behalf without any unnecessary delays. Contact us today to discuss your situation, get your questions answered, and learn why Robert and Gary are the attorneys you want in your corner fighting for your recovery.

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